You are at First Look Of KalakeyaWarLord in Baahubali!!

First Look Of KalakeyaWarLord in Baahubali!!

Baahubali's Kalakeya War Lord introduced

Actor Prabhakar (Maryada Ramanna fame, Heroine's Younger Brother) plays the character of Kalakeya War Lord in the epic action drama 'Baahubali'...Sharing the poster, Rajamouli explains about the head of fearless Kalakeya tribe on his micro blogging page. "Blood quenches his thirst, Violence gives him peace. Commander of a 100,000 barbarians!!! #KalakeyaWarlord #TheRuthless #Baahubali the beginning #LiveTheEpic," he wrote...Each and every character of 'Baahubali' has got a lot of importance in the story. That's the reason Rajamouli have been treating the character artists on par with lead actors and releasing their exclusive posters. Few days ago, It's Sivagami! Now, It's the turn of Kalakeya!!

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