You are at 1 Crore Remuneration For Hot Anchor?

1 Crore Remuneration For Hot Anchor?

Already we have informed that hot TV anchor Anasuya Bharadwaj is all set to sizzle on silver screen. At a time when she is busy with handful of TV shows and hosting entertainment events, one wonders how much she would have charged to sign this flick.

As our big producer got convinced that she is worth of investing a bomb, a whopping 1 crore is said to be doled out for her debut. Anasuya is heard demanding slightly over 1 Crore if the producer wants her dates for 3 months. Though this fat pay-check news is denied by all the parties involved, some say that our hot lady is making hay while the sun shines. But in reality, this is way too much for a leading-lady who is making her debut as her acting talents are yet to be proved.

Not all talkative anchors are a hit on silver screen. Looking at the way Udaya Bhanu, Suma, Jhansi and Anita Chowdary bombed on big screen, probably one crore is too much of a sum despite the fact that Anasuya is that 'craziest' thing on TV at the moment. 

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