You are at Rajendra Prasad’s Counter Attack To Jayasudha

Rajendra Prasad’s Counter Attack To Jayasudha

Rajendra Prasad's counter to Jayasudha

After swearing-in as new president of MAA, Rajendra Prasad breathed fire on Jayasudha's comments, albeit in a professional way. He has quipped that people are useless if they don't enjoy comedy.With Jayasudha accusing that Rajendra Prasad is behaving like a comedian after winning MAA election, Rajendra Prasad stated, “Yes I'm a comedian. There is life in comedy. Even though if I'm getting hurt, I'll make sure people laugh. Being a comedian for 35 years, definitely that's what I've to do".Those who belong to Jayasudha panel are present at the swearing-in ceremony and they have decided to stay mum rather responding on Rajendra Prasad's counter attack.

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