You are at Pic Talk: Hansika Doing Yoga on Yoga Day!!

Pic Talk: Hansika Doing Yoga on Yoga Day!!

Spotted: Haniska's unbelievable act on Yoga Day

Yoga Day is over and many stars mostly beautiful female stars – came out as yoga buffs. Some tweeted pics doing yoga and some vouched for yoga. Fair and Bubbly beauty Hansika observed Yoga Day at her home but the talented actress did it more sincerely than for just the photo op moment.Hansika who have mastered in 'Bak Dhyana Asan' that resembles lotus squat posture performed it on yoga day and she posted some of the pics.She tweeted '' Bak dhyanasan ..recently mastered this asana smile emoticon #yoga happy yoga day''.Many big names of politics, top bureaucrats, diplomats, students and security personnel sat on mats to perform asanas at the event that was closely followed by officials of the Guinness World Records.

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