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Sana Khan Released On Bail: Poonam Khanna Cheated ME And Took Rs 10 lakhs

Actress Sana Khan and her boyfriend Ismail Khan, who were arrested over an assault case here, have been granted bail, said a police official.

They were arrested Wednesday by officials of the Amboli police station in Mumbai, and were granted bail the same day.

"Sana and Ismail were arrested on Wednesday morning and were taken to the Andheri court. Later, they got bail the very same day. Now, we are collecting some more evidences on this case," an official from the police station said. Sana and Ismail were arrested after a complaint was registered for threat and sexual harassment against the duo by a woman here, the police said.

Co-incidentally, "Style" actor Sahil Khan had also alleged that he was assaulted by Ismail at a gym here. The incident took place Oct 22 and Sahil registered a complaint with the Amboli police station on the same day.

Sana Khan and her rumored boyfriend Ismail Khan made headlines recently for allegedly assaulting, touching her inappropriately and threatening a woman (Poonam Khanna) over an article (about her link-up) that was published in a daily. A criminal case has been lodged against the duo and released on bail following an arrest by Amboli Police.

However, Sana Khan comes up with an entire different story now. She says, "Poonam Khanna collected her address from her tailor and met her claiming that she is a spiritually inclined person. All of a sudden, My credit card got disappeared and she pretended as if she was searching for it initially, later she gave me the card saying she got it through the powers she have. Soon, She got close to my family".

"One day, Poonam asked me to invest in a property in Malad for better returns and I gave her a cheque of Rs 10 lakhs. Later, She asked me to invest in Goregaon. It was then I grew suspicious and asked her to return my money. But, continued to make excuses," her added.

Sana Khan reveals she came to know that there were 8 criminal cases against Poonam Khanna and few more are coming forward to file cases against her.

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