You are at Sausy Kajal in Temper!

Sausy Kajal in Temper!

Photo Story: Kajal's tempting look from Temper

Puri Jagannath has a rare knack of exploiting the beauties of heroines with peasant and hot presentation on screen. Once again he is going to showcase his heroine at sexiest best and above is the proof for that.

We have already reported that Kajal has oozed enough of oomph in Temper movie and here is the evidence. The sultry siren is looking damn hot in tees and shorts in the above picture captured during Temper shoot. Temper is do or die film for Kajal as she has no big offers in kitty with continuous flops in recent times. The sultry siren loose extra calories has accepted to go ultra glamour for Temper.

Few years back Puri made a spicy and tempting song with Kajal and Mahesh in 'Businessman' which is worth a watch at any time. As per inner reports, 'Temper' will also have a similar song and Kajal did not mind to up her skin show with sensuous expressions.

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