You are at Temper 5 Days Collections List!

Temper 5 Days Collections List!

Temper Fifth Day Collections List!

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Temper Fifth Day Collections!

Young Tiger Jr NTR's Temper received earth shattering response.

It's Collected 31.50 Crores world wide till Day 4. Due to Maha Shivaratri It's Expected to Collect 4 -5 Cores AP & Telangana Regions.

Here is Temper 5 Days Collections..
Temper 5 Day's Collections:
Nizam Rs 7.65 crores
Ceeded Rs 4.49 Crores
Vizag Rs 2.08 Crores
Guntur Rs 2.33 Crores
Krishna Rs 1.62 Crores
East Rs 1.68 Crores
West Rs 1.62 Crores
Nellore RS 93.02 Lakhs

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