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Charmi Lost Her Diamond Ring


The sultry Punjabi kudi Charmme has just had a Shakuntala moment. Yesterday, Charmme lost her prized possession, her diamond ring, along with her shopping bag full of new clothes at a shopping mall. While more details are not available about the incident, Charmme herself revealed the bad news.Last night, Charmme took to her Twitter page and tweeted, "A good news for all the haters out dere My Whole day shopped bag ,hv been lost , along vit my diamond ring Yes !! It cannot b Sunny each day".

Well, we definitely wonder what she meant by haters though.Looks like Charmme is going through some bad times both professionally and personally. The actress, after burning her hands with her debut home production, is reportedly planning yet another film in her banner and is even going solo this time. Let's wish that the bubbly beauty will get back her missing mojo soon.

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