You are at Pawan Son Injured In Cycle Accident

Pawan Son Injured In Cycle Accident

In modern and developed world, for every small health problem we are made to suffer the hell by private and corporate hospital doctors or management running more on monetary gains and less on service motto. Pawan Kalyan's ex wife Renu Desai happens to be the new victim. Renu being a celebrity cannot keep quiet as she fumed anger on these so called best hospitals.

All it happened when Renu rushed to hospital as her son Akhira Nandan faced a bad cycle accident. Treatment was delayed in one of these so called best hospitals which explain the pathetic state of affairs. 'Akira had bad cycle accident. I got him to one of d best hospitals and in spite of seeing an injured child, the delay in treatment and waiting and insensitivity. Rather, directly die than go to big hospitals for treatment! The insensitivity of the entire system from docs to nurses kills the human spirit,' Renu mentioned.

Akhira and Aadhya are staying with mom Renu after separating from father Pawan Kalyan. Yet, Pawan is known to take enough care of both these children. Hope, Akhira recovers soon and Renu takes necessary action against hospital authorities for delayed treatment. However, she hasn't mentioned the hospital name or the city wherein entire episode took place.

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