You are at Aksha Pairs Up With Balayya In 'Dictator'!!

Aksha Pairs Up With Balayya In 'Dictator'!!

Nandamuri Balakrishna may move away from Sankranthi 2016 or not, but his treat in the form of "Dictator" will be as amazing as possible. He has roped in a third girl now, to give that terrific entertainment. Chubby girl Aksha Pardasany, who dazzled in movies like Ride and Kandireega recently took her glamour treat to new level in the movie "Rye Rye". Despite her glamour show, the film tanked at box office and Aksha has no offers in hand. Finally it flashed in the form of Nandamuri Balayya, as she will be seen in a crucial role and one song in upcoming "Dictator". Recently she got slimmed down to terrific curves and that look might have won her the chance.

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