You are at Srinu Vytla's punch on Prakash Raj

Srinu Vytla's punch on Prakash Raj

It is known that there was a friction between Prakash Raj and Srinu Vytla during the shooting of 'Aagadu'. The 4-time National Award winner walked out of the film and makers approached Producers Council seeking a ban on him. The issue was settled by Industry biggies and Prakash Raj even paid back the advance he has taken for the movie.

Prakash Raj predicting 'Aagadu' will be a hit at the success meet of 'Power' given an impression both the actor & director had patched up. However, This perception of people was proven wrong with 'Aagadu' which hit the screens the other day.

During the press meet to clarify on 'Aagadu' controversy, Prakash Raj commented: "Aa Okkadiki Nenu Rasina Padyam Cheppalanukuntunnanu: Nannu Rallatho Kottaku-Pattukoni Illu Kattestha, Nannu Kalcheyalani Nippu Pettaku-Intiki Deepam Chesukunta, Nannu Ee Industry Nunchi Pampincheyalani Taramaku-Cheralsina Chotu Twaraga Cheripotha, Dayachesi Chebutunnanu Nannu Champalani Visham Pettaku-Mingi Neelakantunnayipotha".

Usually, Some of the characters in Srinu Vytla's films will have close resemblance to the real life persons. The filmmaker deliberately does it and its his style of taking revenge on the people who irritate him. Similarly, Srinu Vytla used the above dialogue to settle scores with Prakash Raj. Wait for PR's reaction...!

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