You are at Girl At Nitin house at Mid-Night!

Girl At Nitin house at Mid-Night!

A big drama was unfolded at actor Nithiin's house on Friday early morning when the star's households found an unknown girl in their compound. According to reports, the girl in her early twenties, gatecrashed into Nithiin's Jubilee Hills residence on Thursday night (Sankranti night) and spent the whole night in the biting cold. The girl, claimed to be die-hard fan of Nithiin, sought to meet actor and speak to him. Fazed by this sudden move, the family members politely asked the girl to leave. It is learnt that the girl is "loving" Nithiin and wants to "propose" the same to the actor.

Nitin’s mother surprised to see her at the garden in early morning and they immediately informed police.When police asked her about intention behind intruding into hero’s house she reportedly said ‘’I am a big fan of Nithin, I want to marry Nithin and I can't live without him"

The girl is reportedly a daughter of a police official from Anantapur district. Police counseled her and sent her back to her home.This incident  showed how crazy lazy fans are turning for him each passing day as he is scoring hits with youthful loves stories these days.

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