You are at Aamir Khan’s gym at 2’o clock in the night

Aamir Khan’s gym at 2’o clock in the night


Generally top stars hit gym early in the morning and work out continuously for hours. We have the likes of Ram Charan, Nitin and Bunny who carved six-packs similarly. But will anyone do hit gym late in the night?.Yes, the likes of Hrithik Roshan and Shahrukh Khan have hit gym late in the night. They achieved desired results on their body quite effectively. Right now Amir Khan is also following the same routine to get a well-shape heavy body for his next flick “Dangal" that revolves around wrestling. Amir is going to gym at 2am in the morning which is located in his house itself. He is working out for hours and then will sleep for a short time. Anything goes well for Mr Perfectionist.

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