You are at Alia Bhatt Bikini Behind Story!!

Alia Bhatt Bikini Behind Story!!

Alia Bhatt, who had earlier donned a two-piece in her debut movie 'Student of the Year', has no qualms to repeat the act again. That's why her recent two-piece pink bikini she flaunted hi "Shandaar" movie is really stunning. There is cold fact however behind this.In fact, Alia has shot for this bikini scene at an UK beach where the temperature is very very cold. While she didn't shied away showing her skin in such roaring cold, it's a difficult thing for sure. Actually Alia has waited for the cameras to roll, and once the camera is on, she removed her covers and felt comfortable in the tiny two piece. Once the shot is canned, she's immediately covered with a big warm-fur rug such that she won't fall to the cold temperature. For a hot look, these are cold troubles.

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