You are at Ala Ela doing better than Yamaleela 2 and Rough!

Ala Ela doing better than Yamaleela 2 and Rough!

Small Film leave Big Impression

These days, Few small-budgeted films have been managing to win the hearts of film lovers with quality and entertaining content. We have seen this happen in the case of Nikhil and Colors Swathi starrer 'Karthikeya' as well. Now, 'Ala Ela' is going to earn the same result.

This Friday, At least five straight Telugu films had hit the screens. Out of them, 'Yamaleela 2', 'Rough' and 'Ala Ela' have grabbed the  attention of movie buffs to some extent. While 'Yamaleela 2' and 'Ala Ela' have bitten the dust with outdated content, 'Ala Ela' pleasantly surprised the audience with fresh and humourous elements.

'Ala Ela' marks the first success of Rahul Ravindran who forayed into films with 'Andala Rakshasi'. Vennela Kishore entertains throughout. Debutante filmmaker Aneesh Krishan leaves a mark of his own. Music and Cinematography were an asset to this movie. On a whole, 'Ala Ela' is a fun film and best choice for this week.

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