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Kareena, Saif Expect Their First Child In December

Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan are expecting their first child in December this year.When asked if she would continue acting post delivery, Kareena replied: 'I'm passionate about acting. This profession gives me immense satisfaction. Acting is the work I do. Then, Why should I give up acting just because I'm becoming a Mother. I wish to continue my acting career apart from taking care of my child'.

On the query, 'Who is choice - Boy or Girl?'. Kareena told she is a gild child and hence loves to have a girl. She claims to have done more for her parents than a son being a daughter. To all those who consider Girl as not equal enough to Man, Kareena wishes to convey woman is the only soul having the privilege of carrying a soul in her. She feels bad about the fact that girl child is considered a taboo in some parts of the country even Today. Jokingly, Kareena disclosed that Saif has been complaining off late that she has been over-eating.

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