You are at Father's Day Special: Allu Sirish with his father!...

Father's Day Special: Allu Sirish with his father!!

Allu Aravind's 3-Point Advise to Son

On the eve of Father's Day, Allu Sirish shared about the bonding with his father Allu Aravind and how much he had influenced him. The Young Hero feels the businessman image has overshadowed the complete family man role he usually plays and he has done everything possible to keep the family united.

Since Sirish was a Teenager, Allu Aravind used to always preach him 3-valuable facts of the life.

1) Money can be lost but family and friends are for life.

2) Do whatever you wish as long as you love doing it.

3) Fame might come easily but what matters the most is name and trust takes time. Build name not fame.

This isn't just useful for Allu Sirish but each and every individual could take them seriously. Experience Matters!

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