You are at Allu Arjun's Lucky Sentiment

Allu Arjun's Lucky Sentiment

Film industry is a challenging place where success is hard to find. And when someone tastes success once, he or she doesn't want to let it go. In the process, several stars have numerous sentiments which they follow religiously.
While most stars rely on numerology, astrology and name change etc, some stars do have a few crazy sentiments which keep their success in tact. One such star is Stylish Star Allu Arjun. As per the latest revelation by a noted media house, Bunny has a plastic chair sentiment.

Apparently, Bunny's personal assistant always carries a plastic chair, be it to shooting locations or post-production labs. Even though Bunny is offered well cushioned chairs by his films' production teams, he insists on sitting only on his favorite plastic chair which he claims to be his lucky charm.

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