You are at Producer Suresh Babu Responds On Small Theatres!!

Producer Suresh Babu Responds On Small Theatres!!

Ace producer Suresh Babu is all set to take over the reigns of Telugu Film Chamber Of Commerce as its new President after the recently concluded elections resulted in his big win. Before taking oath, Suresh explains why the mini theatres promised by his opponents aren't an easy possibility."Mini theatre or big theatre, we have to follow National Building Code to construct a movie theate and it is tough these days. There are hell lot of norms to follow. With a meagre budget, building a theatre with all those norms isn't possible", said Suresh Babu. Earlier his opponents like Natti Kumar stated that they will build 5000 mini theatres to make small cinema live. At the same time, Suresh Babu also condemned that there is discrimination between Telangana cinema and Andhra cinema. He said that it is Telugu cinema and everyone should work for it.

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