You are at Leaked: Baahubali Piracy Pictures!!

Leaked: Baahubali Piracy Pictures!!

Sexy Girl Sharing Baahubali Piracy Pictures

Acting in a movie that stands as a classic and mightiest film ever is something any actor or actress couldn't forget. It's a lifetime experience and there is no way these actors could resist themselves talking about every single feeling regarding a film like "Baahubali". But that excitement costs dear sometimes.

Apparently Morocan hottie Norah Fatehi is quite happier that her second item song on Telugu silver screen (technically third after Temper and Kick 2 item songs) got some tremendous response.

Critics might have nailed the item number, but movie lovers especially in B & C centre are loving this hot treat. Along with Norah, other sexy sirens like Scarlet Wilson (Yevadu fame item girl) and Kingfisher model Madhu Sneha also featured in the song "Manohari". Sharing her excitement, Norah asked everyone on social circuits to go watch the record breaking movie.Along with these lines, she shared a picture of herself and the two other bombs, which happens to be a screen grab from the pirated version of Baahubali. "Some fans would have shared her, but how could she re-share a pirated image?", ask angry fans of Rajamouli and Prabhas. "Temper" girl should have played little fair.

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