You are at Ajith, a hero in real life too!!!

Ajith, a hero in real life too!!!

The type of behavior of some film actors exhibit on the silver screen need not be the same in their real life.

Heroes need not be the same in their real life and the villains need not be rough and tough in their respective real lives.

We have seen some film heroes who are known as heroes too in their lives. Tamil film hero Ajith exactly fit this category. His style is different from other heroes. The same thing is known to all persons in the industry and also to his fans. There is something in Ajith which other heroes must learn from him.

Only films and family are his world. In 2000, he married film actress Salini and the couple have a six year old daughter Anoushka.

Ajith not only seeks his well being but also those who work at his home and also his personal staff. He recently took a decision which made him a real hero.

Ajith has the habit of helping those persons who are in financial troubles and that too without any publicity. The hero has recently decided to build houses for everyone who works with him. His watchman, worker, car driver, cook and all his personal staff will soon enter the homes which Ajith had already constructed for them.

For the same purpose, he bought some amount of land in Old Mahabalipuram road in Chennai. Half acre of land each was registered in the name of every person who works with him. All houses were already constructed and ready for occupation.

With these kind of things, Ajith remained as a hero in real life too.

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