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Top Heroine Turns Down Hot Offer

In the past, we used to have films about exploitation of young women, who are married to an aged husband. This concept has become routine and gradually the filmmakers have sidelined it.

Now, a young filmmaker has come up with this kind of story in Tamil and narrated the script to none other than Nayantara.

This young director has directly said to the heroine and she will get married to an old guy (Thyagarajan) and then she falls for the old guy's secretary (Prithviraj).

According to the script, Nayantara will be having a steamy scenes with both the actors and her character exploitation is the main USP of this film.

After listening to this script, Nayan was irritated and asked the filmmaker to leave.

Well, Nayantara is a leading heroine in Tamil films and she has got offers with young actors like Simbhu, Arya and Dhanush etc.

How can a filmmaker approach top actress with such kind of a script? This has become a hot discussion among the Kollywood circles and some suggested that Trisha or Namitha might be the best choice for such kind of roles.

Tamil filmmakers understand the pulse rate of their audience and they go up to any extent to entertain their audiences.

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