You are at No Buyers in Nizam Area!

No Buyers in Nizam Area!

No Buyers in Nizam

The recent flop run in Tollywood has hit the distributors and exhibitors so badly. Especially, The impact is severe in Nizam territory which is crucial for the success of any film. Only Dil Raju, Nithin's father Sudhakar Reddy and Dasari Narayana Rao have been active in the distribution business in this region.

While Dil Raju has faced few setbacks in the form of Rabhasa and Aagadu, Sudhakar Reddy is very choosey about the films. Even Dasari buys distribution rights of films rarely. So, There are no buyers for several upcoming films in Nizam.

The big difference between AP and Nizam is the fact that Producers sell entire rights of Telangana to one distributor instead of the distribution that's happening in neighboring state (Ceeded, Uttar Andhra, East, West, Guntur, Krishna, Nellore). Hence, New Buyers have been coming up in AP and Seasoned Buyers have slowed down in Nizam post back-to-back duds like Sikindar, Rabhasa and Aagadu.

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