You are at Pawan helped me to give good music to Gopala Gopal...

Pawan helped me to give good music to Gopala Gopala!

Anup Rubens Rs 150 Guitar story!

Anup Rubens is one of the most sought after music directors in Telugu Film Industry at the moment. Guess, what was the struggle he has to undergo for reaching a respectable position?

During his childhood, Anup Rubens came to know his friend was selling a guitar and bought the music instrument for Rs 150. This decision changed his life forever! He began learning music and played at the church on many occasions.

Anup Ruben feels the musical score of 'Ishq' is his best work till date. After this movie, Filmmakers have taken him seriously and given him enough freedom to compose his style of music.

The Composer says Pawan Kalyan's down to earth nature and his knowledge of music helped him score good tunes for Gopala Gopala.

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