You are at 'Indian Film Industry will SPLIT after I Release'

'Indian Film Industry will SPLIT after I Release'

Producer Aascar Ravichandran dared to comment Indian Film Industry will split as 'Before I and After I' after the release of his ambitious project 'I' featuring Vikram and directed by Shankar.

Aascar Ravichandran reveals Hollywood production house Warner Bros were shocked watching the teaser of 'I'. He believes 'I' have the potential to do a business of Rs 5,000 crore if a reputed Hollywood production house releases it. He is working on striking a deal with China Government to release 'I' in maximum number of screens in that country. About 50% of 'I' was shot in China.

The proud producer declares 'I' takes grandeur to an all together next level. He believes Shankar will be treated as India's James Cameron after the release of this movie.

'I' has been in the making for over 2 years and about 10,000 man power has worked for it to create a celluloid wonder. 

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