You are at Rajamouli Monitor Baahubali Piracy!!

Rajamouli Monitor Baahubali Piracy!!

Projector operators not allowed by Rajamouli

Already Telugu version of Baahubali is censored and they gave U/A certificate. The other day even Tamil version fetched the same rating and certificate. An interesting thing has happened at the screening of these films to Censor members.In order to make sure that the original story and screenplay graph of the flick doesn't gets leaked, Rajamouli made sure that no one other than Censor Board members watches the movie. For that reason he has asked even projector operator to go out of the room after switching the projector on.Yesterday we hear that a team of Baahubali production has taken care of Censor screening event and amde sure no office boy or projector operator watches the film.

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