You are at Puri sacks his whole team

Puri sacks his whole team

In a move that shocked the film industry, Director Puri decided to clean house as far as his production company is concerned. Implementing mass layoffs, Puri fired almost 25 members of his staff over lack of work ethics which has even led to a sudden halt in the shooting for his upcoming film Rogue, a Telugu and Kannada bilingual.

Although the decision has come as a shock to everyone, according to Puri, this sacking move has been long overdue. What is surprising is that the entire team that Puri laid off, from the office boy to the upper echelons, have been working with Puri for years. This is what the director believes is the root of the problem as the group had become complacent and unresponsive.

Despite Puri's warning about two years ago, the staff did not mend their ways and had stopped listening to his instructions. Thus Puri had no choice but to let them go.

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