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Warning To Mega Fans

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The stars in the film industry always wish to have big fan bases. The fan clubs of the actors in the old days were responsible for creating the hype and hoopla during the release of their favourite star movies. Apart from drumming the publicity, these fans club also engaged themselves in various social activities.

But now these fans club are getting weaker and receiving the bad name because of internal war. Few fans of big stars creates memes to troll their rivals, spread unwanted comments about them and their movies on social media. Recently Power Star Pawan Kalyan fans and Stylish star Allu Srjun fans fought on social media and finally the controversy stopped when Allu Arjun gave his clarification. Recently during the audio launch event of Thikka, the cold war started between Sai Dharam Tej and Allu Arjun's fans.

The association of Mega fans is strongest in Telugu Film Industry. Few senior Mega fans opined that all the mega actors and mega fans must be united as few unidentified people are trying to divide and rule on Mega fans like British used 'Divide and Rule' policy. They also requested all the Mega actors to take this issue very serious and sort out the differences.

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