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Revisiting kamal Romantic Movie

Bharathiraja, hitherto known for his romantic movies tried his hand at a thriller and we got "Sigappu Rojakkal". At a time when Tamil cinema was full of family dramas and romance movies, this movie stood out.  

Bharathiraja, indeed was a master in casting. Kamalhassan as the soft, suavave, psycho-killer fitted the role as a T and Sridevi as the innocent, warm girl was exceptional in the movie. With such superb casting, Bharathiraja could have never gone wrong.

This movie is a first of many. This is probably the first movie about a psycho-killer. This is probably the first movie, in which the hero had a grey shade.  This is probably the first movie that had Kamalhassan as the hero-cum-villan.

Cut to the movie:

This movie is about a young man, Dilip, whose experiences with the female sex is bad and consequently, he believes that all women are bad and they deserved to be killed.  His boss' wife's character makes his belief very strong.  He is brought up by his boss and he chases nubile women, kills them, videographs it and buries them at his house and plants a rose bush on it, justifying the name Sigappu Rojakkal.

In his pursuit, he falls for Sarada a garment sales girl. Sarada insists on marriage and Dilip marries her.  One fateful day, Sarada comes to know of the truth and she runs away from the marriage and Dilip.  In the ensuing chase that ends at a graveyard, Dilip falls over a cross and is captured by the Police.  He is imprisoned and writes Sarada all over the wall, with that being his only coherent memory.

This movie had music by Ilayaraja and it was in this movie, Kamal sang his first song. 

The film was a blockbuster and completed a 175-day run at the box office. The film won two Filmfare Awards for Best Actor and Best Director.

The black cat in the movie scares the wits out of you even now.

Hats off to Bharathiraja for being ahead of his time.

Manoj Bharathiraja, son of Bharathiraja is going to remake the film and it is being rumoured that various lead actors were approached for the same.

We only wish that the remake does not mar the original

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