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Nayantara:'I Stopped Being Attached Since Then'

Nayantara is one lady who has been equally popular for her strong performances and her love stories.

Despite being much publicized, none of her love stories ended in marriage and not surprisingly, Nayantara has turned rather philosophical at a very young age.

She says there was a time when she was in school, when she was hell-bent on having a sports cycle. Apparently, her father bought her a yellow cycle for her birthday. 

Goes without saying that a thrilled Nayantara cycled to school proudly for a month, before her new bike was stolen. Despite assurances from her father, Nayantara says she was inconsolable. But since then, Nayantara says she got used to losing things that meant a lot to her.

Unfortunately, she had to lose men she loved and trusted. Little wonder that her beautiful eyes tell a sad story.

We are sure this beauty will have more life lessons to tell when the time is right.

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