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Samantha Praises Naga chaitanya

Tollywood beauty Samantha is known with her controversy comments. Even after many slaps on various incidents still she is unable to control her tongue. Her comments on Mahesh and Pawan creating sparks between  their fans now.

Speaking to Anchor Pradeep in a program Samantha delivered sensational comments on Mahesh and Pawan. She said " I am so comfortable with Chaitu only. though i have good hits with Pawan and Mahesh, i never felt comfort. May be Chaitu is my first hero". Samantha comments shared laugh for the audience for some time but fans felt bad. It second time for Samantha who targeted Mahesh earlier on ONE movie poster.

Its a big question for fans that why she is aggressive though she got block buster movies with Mahesh and Pawan.  Adding to these , Samantha said, Amala paul and Charmi are very bad in selection of dresses. Lets see who will respond first on Samantha comments.

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