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Karthikeya Movie Is Shocked Critics

The Film which surprised & shocked Critics

Generally, Its easier to please audience than critics and that's the reason we could be able to see some of the films faring well at the Box Office despite poor ratings. Its very rare to find a film which was equally embraced by both critics and audience. After 'Manam', Nikhil and Colors Swathi starrer 'Karthikeya' is the only film to attain such a range in the year 2014.

Nikhil has just breathed life into the character of 'Karthikeya' who is always curious to chase mysteries. Be it dialogue delivery, body language and ease of acting, He is too good in the movie.

The star of 'Karthikeya' is undoubtedly debutante director Chandoo Mondeti. He just made the film the way he has envisioned instead of relying on commercial elements. His conviction, confidence and presentation are marvelous. Today, 'Karthikeya' has become a cult film which every single member in a theatre enjoys the experience.

New kind of films like 'Karthikeya' are very rare to come in Telugu Film Industry. So, Don't dare to miss this engrossing thriller!

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