You are at Krishna Vamsi's Frustration On TFI

Krishna Vamsi's Frustration On TFI

Krishna Vamsi targets Pawan Fans!

The other day, Krishna Vamsi released a press statement heaping praises on Director Gunasekhar and his ambitious project 'Rudramadevi'.

Nothing wrong in appreciating good work, but Our Creative Genius has gone too far and expressed his displeasure on the filmmakers who run after success formula and the Fans who blindly follow their Stars.

"In the realm of senseless and meaningless movies with deteriorated values with mindless dialogues, vulgarity and saucy songs ruling the cinema impairing the society, one director is trying to revive our degenerated senses with his movie. Neither he is trying to exploit the human weakness nor he is trying to play with the psyche of the audience."

"For the ignorant society that can wear a t-shirt of some alien revolutionist just for the heck of it and doesn't have a clue of our rich culture, Rudramadevi is like giving a diving and nutrient milk to the people suffering from intoxication. I strongly reckon this movie will invigorate our polluted sensibilities".

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