You are at I want to Marry Alia Bhat: Varun Dhawan opens

I want to Marry Alia Bhat: Varun Dhawan opens

July 10th: Bollywood young pair Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhat is acting a movie called Humpy Sharma Di Dulhaniya. This movie is their re-union after two states' success. 

This movie is going to be release tomorrow. So they are doing promotional activity shocked the audience by making confession.

Alia Bhat said in a recent interview that "Varun gets an angry on her, because he loves her". Varun replied in that, "we've spent so much time together that we are comfortable with each other. Our relationship mixed with love and hate. We keep fighting even small things, but we are friends. It is friendship wala-love only. There is nothing like that". 

Varun went on added that in real life he would like to have his life partner Alia's character kaviya in Humpy Sharma Di Dulhaniya. My life partner is to be someone who is just like an Alia's character. She should be very helpful, bold and ambitious. 

Fans are expecting lot but it ends with very funny.

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