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Ram Rejected Dhanush Movie!

Some scripts sound intriguing but somehow they fail to evince interest in our heroes. Take the recent case of young dynamite Ram who rejected the idea of remaking super hit Tamil film "Vela Illai Pattadhari" (VIP) featuring Danush and Amala Paul.

As the film turned sensational at box office, Ram's uncle Sravanthi Ravikishore has brought the dubbing and remake rights of the movie. Surprisingly, the movie is getting dubbed and released under the title "Raghuvaran B.Tech" possibly in January. A journey of self-discovery with much needed commercial elements made this flick an instant hit in Tamil and deserves to be remade. But why did Ram let this wonderful flick go off his hands?

In the movie, Danush plays a Civil Engineer graduate who doesn't find jobs in any software sector. Later he realizes his potential when his family receives a major jerk of life and then joins a company as their engineer in construction site. Probably Ram has felt that it's difficult to come out of his comfort zone and take up this project. Is that so?

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