You are at Salman Khan Will Remake Raviteja Kick 2 Movie..?!

Salman Khan Will Remake Raviteja Kick 2 Movie..?!

Bollywood’s  Super star Salman Khan has scored a big hit recently with the remake of Raviteja’s movie “Kick”, which is directed by Surender Reddy. Bollywood “Kick” has collected nearly 300 crores across the globe through all forms of income.

For scoring such biggest hit, Salman knows the fact that the original story provided by Vakkantam Vamsi and screenplay written by Surender Reddy. As of now Raviteja is busy doing Kick 2 under same Surender Reddy’s direction and for a script provided by Vakkantam.

So, Salman is curious about the movie as he would love to remake it if this sequel also turns blockbuster. Bollywood remakes of Telugu films has always helped Sallu Bhai to score big and he wants to repeat it.

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