You are at Pawan kalyan Fans On Twitter!

Pawan kalyan Fans On Twitter!

Pawan surely regrets for his fans behavior

Pawan Kalyan gave a surprise gift to his beloved fans on New Year day by opening a Twitter account. Within three days, his followers crossed 1.45 lakh and the number is rapidly increasing. Its also creating some headaches to the power star and his fans insanity is touching peaks and also irritating others.

Some of over enthusiastic fans behaving mad on twitter and their madness on twitter is going out of control. Pawan started twitter account three days back none of the celebs like Narendra Modi;Chandrbabu followed him.This caused anger to the Pawan fans who believes he is the sole reason for getting power to TDP and BJP.

Some people start abuses Prime Minister Narendra Modi for not following Pawan Kalyan on Twitter.They also targets others like  Chandrababu Naidu, Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan, Hrithik Roshan and asking them to follow Pawan Kalyan's account.

A mad fan posts:

Oreyy @narendramodi @ncbn Mee party ni nilabettadu gurtunda aa Devudu Pawan kalyan is on Twitter Follow ---------->@PawanKalyan

Another person posted: Sir @iamsrk follow @PawanKalyan if you want to be recognized in history as a man who lived with no regrets.

Another person's madness crosses India borders and touches Obama: He posted: @BarackObama hey obama our @PawanKalyan joined twitter wish him

This is not at all good part from them and Pawan won’t be very pleased and rather regret at behavior of his fans for sure!

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