You are at Rajamouli’s Dream Project Mahabharata !!

Rajamouli’s Dream Project Mahabharata !!

What is Rajamouli's lifetime dream project?

It is being publicised in media that Rajamouli's dream project is none other than “Baahubali". Not just the huge money of 250 crores involved here, but it is the grandeur, epic wars and the age of Kingdoms he wanted to show. But our director says this is not his dream film. “I've always dreamt of making larger than life films and Baahubali is one among them. But this is not my lifetime dream project. I'm looking forward to make Mahabharata as a film. That is my dream project", says Rajamouli, sharing his thoughts about it. While July 10th happens to see “Baahubali" in the light, second part is yet to be completed such that they could fix a release date. “60% of the film is yet to be shot, and some parts of the story are to be written", Rajamouli concludes.

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