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Allu Arjun Stresses his respect to Chiranjeevi


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Time and again, Stylish Star Allu Arjun stresses that without Megastar Chiranjeevi there will be none of the mega-heroes existing in the domain of Telugu Cinema.

At the audio launch of Rudramadevi too, he made sharp remarks against people who are buying appreciation with controversial dialogues and satires. Speaking at Warangal the other day, Bunny pushed thousands of spectators into claps and whistles with his stunning speech.

'Rudramadevi is about Kakatiya empire's history. We've to always remember where we had come from, despite the fact that where we are now. If I've to talk about my history, then it is one and only Megastar Chiranjeevi. He has worked under the sun and we've grown under shadows. For me, anyone will come only after Megastar', asserts Allu Arjun.

He adds 'I can easily win your claps by uttering satires and punch dialogues. But Megastar used to say that it is easy to criticise and throw satires on someone and get claps for it. But what's difficult is to find a place in hearts of people'. Bunny urged fans to understand that fact and thanked mega fans again for the love they are showering on him.

Talking about Rudramadevi, he stated that Gunasekhar is the only director who can carve out such a marvel. 'Gunasekhar is a great person because he is a passionate film maker. For him cinema comes first and then money. For his sake, this film should re-write history at box office', Bunny avers.

Why Bunny picked up this film?
'I love Telugu cinema. If my help makes Telugu cinema climb another step, then I'm for it. This movie does that, makes Telugu Cinema proud. Also I've huge respect for women. Anushka is the hero of this movie, if not for Anushka none would have done this'

My 'giant cutout' friend-
'Rana Daggubati is such a giant cutout that even a horse is looking like a cute puppy beside him', jokes Bunny. He adds, 'My friend has done an amazing role in the flick along with other talented like Nitya Menon and Prakash Raj'

Gona Gannareddy is treat!!
'Aww Gona Gannareddy. Na gurinchi ekkuva vinuntaru. endukantey nannuchoosinolllu chala takkuvaga brathikuntaru', Allu Arjun says, his dialogue from Gona Gannareddy, setting audiences into euphoria.

Watch Allu Arjun Full Speech

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