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Kota Strong Statements On Prakash Raj

Senior artist Kota Srinivas Rao asked the Telugu industry to not encourage artists from other languages. He also said that there are thousands of Telugu artists who solely depend on Tollywood and hence it is not fair to give roles to artists who are Non-Telugu in a recent Interview.

In this Interview, He made a few shocking statements on Prakash Raj indirectly. Mentioning that he does not have anything personal against Prakash Raj, He talked about Prakash Raj talent. He said, “I am not saying that Prakash Raj is not an Artist, But to reach where he is now, his little talent should have helped him”

He also said he is against importing crappy talent from other industries, while he is perfectly fine with getting Naseeruddin shah or Nana patekar. He said there is no point in getting the artists that do not even possess 10% talent that the earlier mentioned have.

When the Interviewer asked about his movies in other industries, he replied very strongly saying that he acts in one or two movies and not more than that and he himself talks about his remuneration for his presence in the movies, unlike other language artists where their managers are involved, who are responsible for the high remunerations being paid to them

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