You are at Tollywood Stars Always the Best in Humanity!

Tollywood Stars Always the Best in Humanity!

A big number of Tollywood Stars have come forward to offer a helping hand to the people of Chennai who were struck badly by devastated floods with nonstop rains in the city. Even though huge number of army and navy forces have been deployed for round the clock rescue and relief operations, the man power is still insufficient and more of humanity should be shown by everyone.
At this juncture, Tollywood Stars responded greatly and donated the money and food pockets at their best. This is not the first time but it turns out to be a common practice for Tollywood's film fraternity showing this kind of kind gesture at times when natural disaster does great harm to people from various parts of the country.
In contrast, scarcely had we seen, heroes from other industries showed their charity like Tollywood Stars. Only a few stars from other industries responded when the city of Vizag was destructed during 'Hudhud' cyclone. That's why, Tollywood and its stars are the best among other industries.

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