You are at Allari Naresh lifts Raasi into air

Allari Naresh lifts Raasi into air

He may be lean and thin. But, count on Allari Naresh to lift up buxom heroines into air. The other day, he was at a TV chat show organised by yesteryear heroine Raasi as part of his latest film's promotion.
Naresh knows Raasi very well as she has done several films with his father EVV as director. Naresh was executive producer for some of those movies. So, Naresh moved closely with Raasi and broke into a jig with her during the show. Then, out of the blue, he suddenly lifted her up. Now Raasi is no pushover. She is overweight and heavy built. Naresh lifting her surprised everyone.

Well, this is nothing new for Naresh. Earlier, he did the same thing with Roja in another reality show. The YouTube clip of Allari Naresh lifting Roja is still among the most watched videos. So, Allari Naresh doesn't just give a lift to new heroines career. He actually lifts up buxom heroines of the past with equal aplomb.

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