You are at Rajasekhar afraid of Jeevitha's Censor!

Rajasekhar afraid of Jeevitha's Censor!


Hero Rajasekhar who is never seen without his wife Jeevitha tagging along, has stated that he is fearing his wife now. What made this talented hero of two decades say that? Why is he fearing his wife?

Apparently Jeevitha was taken aboard as member of Central Censor Board Committee recently. Rajasekhar says that her inclusion in the board made him little fear about his films. “I cannot shoot whatever I want. Because with wife being a Censor Board member, they wont allow any sleazy dialogues or over-exposing inside the movie", said Rajasekhar today.

His latest movie “Geddam Gang" is gearing up for a release on February 6th and he is expecting huge success from this movie.

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