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These Are Biggest Disasters In Gopichand Career

undefinedNot many of us knew that some of our heroes can predict a movie's fate much before its release. Chiranjeevi and Nagarjuna are capable of judging the movie during the make or at least after watching final copy, they say. That must be the reason why Chiru suggests changes to all mega films and Nagarjuna wanted to reshoot Akhil's scenes.

One more hero of our own filmdom, Gopichand seems to be the guy having that magical sense. He himself reveals it during a interview and gives the names of such films he sensed flop smell before hitting screens.

Gopichand regrets doing the films Mogudu and Ontari. He claims to have felt Ontari doesnot suit his face and image much earlier and the movie was a big dud. And everyone knows how big disaster Mogudu was. Krishna Vamsi wanted to recreate the plot of Viyyalavari Kayyalu made by Gopichand's father T Krishna, but execution went miserable leaving it as the biggest flop for our hero.

Gopichand's selection of subject can't be blamed as he knows the fate of almost all his failure films much before making them. But his guess has no value when the choice is with others who make the film with him. Sometimes Gopichand kept his doubts aside, trusting the experienced directors which finally gave him enough flops like RaaRaju, Ontari, Mogudu etc.

There is one movie where Gopichand himself walked out of the theatre in middle of the movie and also told that the movie will be flop for sure. It is Wanted in BVS Ravi direction.

Good that Gopichand had that instinct on his film subject, bad that he can't make decisions based on that all the time!

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