You are at Ram: 'Not Targeted At Anyone'

Ram: 'Not Targeted At Anyone'

Didn't target any Hero: Ram clarifies

Theatrical trailer of 'Pandaga Chesko' has become a point of discussion everywhere just because of one single dialogue uttered by Hero Ram. People already began assuming its a satire on the Star Heroes who have a legacy and keeps on boasting about it.

Here it is...'Dhairyam Anedhi Blood Untadhi, Body Lo Untadhi, Family Uutadhi, Gundellonunchi Vache Dammu Lo Untadhi...Ilati Edava Sollu Cheppadam Naaku Chiraku Ra'.

Finally, Ram decided to put an end to issue with a clarification. "Just to Clarify...#PandagaChesko Trailer lo dialogue yevarini Target cheyaledhu..Mana pani manam chusukune school naadhi :) ..Love 2 all," he told.Even though the energetic star made it clear that he have no intention to target or hurt anyone, This much-talked dialogue reflects the inner feeling of Ram about the some of the Stars who talk with excessive pride every time there was an high-octane sequence.

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