You are at Ilayaraja at Mahabalipuram to tune Rudramadevi BGM

Ilayaraja at Mahabalipuram to tune Rudramadevi BGM


Like the way Puri Jagan goes to Bangkok to write stories for his movies, maestro Ilayaraja has this habit of going to spiritual places to compose music for his movies. He loves to sit i hill stations like Ooty also for composing the music of his films.

For creating a terrific background score for upcoming “Rudramadevi", Ilayaraja has now moved to Mahabalipuram. By sitting in the soothing sea shores of the town, he wants to write the score for Rudramadevi. Later that will be played live by expert musicians from London and all over the world. Ilayaraja wants to deliver the best ever output for this historical flick set in 13th century.

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