You are at Anushka Upset With Gunasekhar!!!

Anushka Upset With Gunasekhar!!!

Poor Planning of release dates could alter the fate of a film at Box Office. Gunasekhar who is part of the Industry for the past 2 decades is still unable to realize its prominence. What follows is frequent changes to release date of his historical flick 'Rudramadevi'.Audience have almost lost interest on this Rs 70 crore project and they are of the feeling 'let it happen when it does!'. The shift of 'Rudramadevi' release from September to October has really irked Anushka as it affect her other film.

She was so upset with Gunasekhar's poor planning and questions what's the necessity to announce the release dates so many times if the filmmaker himself is unsure about it.Actually, Audio Launch of 'Size Zero' was supposed to happen Today and theatrical release was planned on October 2nd. However, Postponement of 'Rudramadevi' to October 9th forced PVP Cinemas to shift the audio & release dates of 'Size Zero'. As per the current buzz, 'Size Zero' might release by the end of October or in the first half of November.

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