You are at Rahul Thakkar wins an Oscar

Rahul Thakkar wins an Oscar


Stage set for the most prestigious Oscar awards (academy awards) and total world is excitedly awaiting the prestigious event. The academy Awards event will be conducted on February 28.Before to that separate set of awards will be presented in Scientific and Technical categories by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. An Indian origin person bagged the prestigious Oscar this time. Rahul Thakkar a person of Indian origin has won this year's Oscar Award for 'groundbreaking design' under these separate set of awards.

As per reports Rahul Thakkar will be awarded Oscar during annual scientific and Technical Awards presentation on February 13th .Apart from Rahul none other people will receive this technical achievement awards. Rahil along with Richard Thong will receive this award and the news announced on the official Oscar Awards website.

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