You are at Wedding Bells At Vikram’s Home

Wedding Bells At Vikram’s Home

This title might leave many of us wondering if star hero Vikram has a daughter who is ready for marriage. But it is true. Vikram is all set to get his daughter in a private ceremony very soon in the month of July. Vikram's daughter Akshita is going to be engaged to Manu Ranjit hailing from the owners of 'CK's Bakery' family. Many details of the engagement and the wedding aren't known yet. But the engagement is going to be strictly a private affair.

There might be no invitees from film industries, except the two families concerned. The wedding is said to happen in the next year. So, Vikram is not only busy with his upcoming movie 'Iru Magan' but also with the preparations of his daughter Akshita's engagement and wedding while we are still wondering if Vikram has a daughter of marriageable age.

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