You are at I Will Stop Making Movies - Manchu Vishnu!!

I Will Stop Making Movies - Manchu Vishnu!!

Happening Manchu scion Vishnu is coming up with "Dynamite" yesterday. He's releasing the film in almost 900 theatres to make the most of it. Probably this is the biggest ever release in his career. Talking about the films and business, Vishnu said: "My movies are never cost failures. Only for Pandavulu Pandavulu Tummed we've pushed 28 crores budget. Rest of the movies are under good costs only. If I've to make movies in terms of budget and in terms of my market, I'll stop making movies. I'll quit films without any second thought".He confirmed that every film of his is having a market for itself. Directed by Deva Katta, Dynamite is a remake of Tamil film "Arima Nambi". Hope he scores a hit with this.

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